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Logo Design & Branding

Logo design and branding can help create a memorable experience for customers, but it is often one of the most overlooked aspects in businesses. A strong brand helps companies stand out from their competition by attracting new clients or building loyalty among existing ones. 

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Logo Design and Branding Services

Logo Design

A logo is the way to show your brand values and create a lasting impression. A logo design can express a lot about the company, so it is important for a designer to be knowledgeable about what your company does and how you want people to perceive you.


Brand Development

Your brand is how your customers or clients see and perceive you. Brand development is the process of creating an effective, consistent image that reflects who they are and what they offer. Developing a brand is important for the identity of your company. 



Rebranding is the process of giving a company or product a new name, design, or symbol to make it seem as if it were something entirely different.Companies can rebrand in order to update the look of their company or product.


Brand Guidelines

A business’s branding guidelines set standards for how a business’ brand should be used. Effective branding guidelines allow a company to maintain consistency across various touch points. The guidelines should be easy to access and reviewed regularly.



Your brand is your most valuable asset and you should have messaging that reflects this. We provide a service helping companies express who they are so people will be drawn to them, as well as advertising copy for websites or other media outlets.


Company Naming

It is important to have a company name that distinguishes your company from the competition and is easily remembered.A company name should be memorable and relevant. Your company name is an important piece of your brand identity.


Tagline & Slogan Creation

We understand the importance of crafting a powerful tagline or slogan for your business and will work with you to do so. We can help you craft a slogan that will make your business stand out from the others.


Print Collateral

Printed material for small businesses should be attractive and help with branding, reach the target audience, build relationships with customers and clients. Printed materials can help promote a business, its goods and services, to customers.



Professional photography on a website or marketing campaign will make them more polished and professional-looking. Photography is an important part of your business strategy, including on your website. Silva Heeren can help your business with quality photography.


Website Design & Digital Marketing​

The importance of website design and digital marketing cannot be overstated. A well-designed site not only looks professional, but it is also easy for visitors to navigate which will help you get more people on your page!

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Website Design & Digital Marketing​ Services

Website Design

Websites help companies communicate their values and show customers where to find what they’re looking for. We create custom websites for your business that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally able to communicate your message.


E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce is a booming industry, with more and more consumers turning to the web for their shopping. Silva Heeren makes e-commerce websites that are scalable and can grow with your business.


WordPress Websites

A content management system allows you to create a website from scratch or convert existing websites, and WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs in the world. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, and has many benefits.


Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a great way for businesses to make their websites mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website ensures that your content will look great, regardless of the device it’s being viewed on.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a form of online marketing that uses popular social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram to connect with customers. By utilizing social media, companies may boost brand recognition and loyalty.



Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of optimizing a website for Google and other search engines. By improving a website’s SEO, businesses can improve their ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more visitors to their site.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach your target market and drive traffic to your website or store. You can send periodic updates to your customers via email with the goal of creating repeat business and building customer loyalty.


Content Marketing

Content marketing uses articles and blog posts to promote a product or service. Businesses can build relationships with customers through content marketing by providing relevant and useful information.


Web Hosting

Website hosting services provide the technology and support needed for a website to be viewable on the internet. When looking for a web hosting service, consider the size and complexity of your website as well as your budget.


Graphic Design & Publishing

Graphic designers are important for businesses of all sizes, as they can help create visually appealing designs and understand production processes. Graphic designers help businesses with their visual communication to attract attention and convey information.

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Graphic Design & Publishing Services

Brochure Design

Brochures should be designed to communicate the right message to potential customers. A well-designed brochure, which is effective in selling the brand, can result in increased sales and used to introduce new products, services, and sales offers.


Magazine Design and Layout

Magazines provide people with information and give advertisers a chance to reach their target audience. Designing a magazine is both an art and scientific process, considering layout, images, colors and fonts.


Print Ad Design

Print ads are an effective way to reach a wide audience with your marketing message, and they offer many advantages over other forms of advertising. Businesses often use print advertisements to compliment their other marketing activities.


Catalog Design

Catalog design is the process of organizing content into a visual, easy-to-read format. Catalogs are important marketing tools that provide images, descriptions of products, and locations where the items can be found.


Flyers & Postcards

Designing a flyer or postcard starts with understanding your audience. Flyers and postcards are relatively inexpensive options for advertising, making them great for small businesses. They can also be distributed at a fast rate.


Business Card Design

Business cards are an easy way to make sure customers or clients remember your name. There are many design options to choose from when creating your business cards.


Trade Show Booth Design

Trade show displays are a great way to gain attention and make your company stand out. When designing a trade show display, we look for all opportunities to give them an edge over the competition.


Outdoor Advertising

We offer creative, innovative designs to help you reach your target audience because creativity is essential to make the right design decisions. Creative designs that can generate interest for your advertising project.


Packaging & Label Design

A well-designed product package and label will make you stand out from the competition. High-quality labels and packaging will help a company’s brand while building customer loyalty.


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Working with Daniel and his team was such a pleasure. Throughout the entire project he was extremely responsive and professional. Our website was curated exactly towards our needs, he understood our vision brought it to life. We are very appreciative of all the hard work he’s done for our company. I will definitely work with Silva Heeren again.

— Shirley Cedeno, BC Legal Group
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